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commercial dishwasherOmniwash is the provider of choice for those looking for high quality commercial dishwasher at discount prices. Omniwash commercial dishwashers are dishwashers machines in large kitchens and dining spaces in professional move a lot of dishes, cutlery and glasses and need dishwashing machines can work well, quickly and accurately.

Commercial dishwashers are designed to streamline the process of cleaning. Machines and dishwashers clean degreased surfaces, and make them shine.


Omniwash offers commercial dishwasher machines with different wash programs, depending on the type of dishes, pots, dishes or glasses should be cleaned. Even time is very important for this are set wash times reduced and also programs for quick washing.

Bars, hotels, restaurants, canteens and many other companies are turning to Omniwash to take commercial dishwasher for every application.

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The Omniwash company specializing in the design and manufacture of machines for cleaning and washing in large professional kitchens:

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Commercial dishwashers

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